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⚠️ This is an 18+ only instance! ⚠️

Welcome To Tenta.Fun!

We are a small community of otherkin and RPers. This is an instance for both RPing and in general just existing, there is absolutely no commitment to do anything.


We have several enhancements to the Vanilla Mastodon experience, including 12000 character posts, 2000 characters for your bio, and a functioning quirk system because a lot of us are homestucks.

Rules and Guidelines:

Don't Be An Asshole, and the rest will follow. We want this to be a safe and comfortable space for people to be themselves.
Place Age And If You Are Kin Or RP In Bio
  • For ease of communication, we would like all users to add their age and if they are kin/rp/neither in their bio

  • Lewd responsibly Use content warnings
    • CW NSFW posts on Federated Posts.
    • Be respectful of CW requests, even if you don't personally find the content offensive.

    • Lewd responsibly
      • Respect boundaries.
      • Ask participants for consent to erotic content or play.

      Respect artists' wishes
      • If an artist does not want their work rehosted elsewhere, link to its source; don't repost.
      • When posting media that isn't yours, attribute and link the artist when possible.
      • No accounts whose primary purpose is to repost art from elsewhere.

      Safety and legal requirements
      • You must be 18 or older. If we find out you're not, your account will be deleted.
      • No explicit content involving minors.
      • No content that's illegal in the US.

      These can and will be updated at anytime, just needed a baseline here for now.